How to eat your cum for the first time

If you want to start eating your own cum or you’ve been trying to but are struggling and you’d like to be a more obedient sissy then you’re in the right place.

This is a quick guide to and we know you’re eager to start eating cum so let’s get straight to it sissy girl!

Method 1

  1. Grab a pen and some paper.
  2. Click this you dirty whore.
  3. Spend 5 minutes looking at all those filthy sluts doing what you want to do, but don’t.
  4. ow list out all the reasons you have for eating cum, whatever cums 😉 to mind.
  5. Now stare at this for 1 minute.
  6. Go back to your list and circle the top 3 reasons.
  7. Look at each reason one at a time and ask yourself, “why do I want to [insert your reason here]?”
  8. For each answer you came up in with point 7, ask “why do I want to [insert your reason here]?”

You should now have a list filled with reasons, that are all meaningful and personal to you about why you really want to eat cum!

Method 2

  • When you’re rubbing away and feel yourself getting close…
  • Lie down and bring your legs over your head, while your hips go into the air, so your sissy clit is pointed at your face (you can even use a wall to make it easier)
  • Take aim, keep stroking and dream of the slut you want to become.
  • Squirt all over your face, some of it will go into your mouth and you’re officially a cum eater!
  • By the time post-squirt doubt kicked in, it was too late…you are a cumslut!
  • Now you’ve done it, it’s a lot easier to use your fingers to scoop the rest into your eager, slutty hole.

Method 3

This one requires a bit more discipline than a sissy facial.

  • Decide what you’ll be using to catch your cum (glass, bowl, your hand etc.)
  • Then start rubbing yourself as normal.
  • When you’re ready to squirt, take aim and let your juices flow into your catcher.
  • Then QUICKLY pour the estrogen-rich contents into your mouth.
  • That’s where the discipline comes in, because it won’t take long for that post-squirt doubt to kick in – so you have to be fast!

Inspired by SissyLover