How do i ruin my orgasm

What is a ruined orgasm ?

It is an orgasm that does not feel fully satisfying, it is still an orgasm and there is some ejaculation but it does not give that stronger orgasmic spasm and often gives a sense of leaving you wanting for more. A ruined orgasm also tends to not reduce your sexual appetite that much and therefore can be very frustrating.

How do i ruin my orgasm

When you get to the “point of no return” you ejaculate and you get a normal orgasm.
However just before that if you stop and do not hold your cock, then it just slowly leaks out a bit.

  • So just when you feel it is coming, just let go and do nothing.
  • Stop all stroking and just let it leak out.

Most can do this without any training, and it is quite easy to do on someone tied up that you play with.